Crown and Bridge Replacement Policy
Crown and Bridge Replacement Policy

People are always asking us how long a crown or a bridge should last. At J Smile Dental , we strive for perfection and satisfaction, which is why Dr. Rhee  is happy to provide you with a warranty that, as far as we know, is unique to the dental profession.

If a crown or bridge becomes defective within a 5-year period due to breakage or misfit, our dentists will be happy to repair or replace it. This does not include situations like accidents (like an auto wreck) that would break a regular tooth also. See schedule of benefits below:

• 0-1 year of service (from time of placement) – 100% coverage
• 1-2 years of service – 80% of coverage / patient pays 20%
• 2-3 years of service – 60% of coverage / patient pays 40%
• 3-4 years of service – 40% of coverage / patient pays 60%
• 4-5 years of service – 20% of coverage / patient pays 80%
• 6+ years of service – 0% coverage

In order to encourage you to protect your investment in your teeth, this policy is null and void if you do not maintain your 3-6 month continuing care, cleaning, annual x-rays and annual exam. It is your responsibility to make these visits. However, by maintaining your dental health on a routine basis, it is quite probable that your investment in your teeth will last well beyond the 5 years!

Prevention is the key. Crowns and bridges are designed to protect and hold teeth together: they restore the proper form and function to a tooth and area, and can do it for a very long time. Crowns and bridges can prevent future tooth problems. Regular home care with a brush, floss, and any other recommended device is preventive action. Having your teeth professionally checked and cleaned, and having X-rays taken, can help you prevent most dental disease. This is why our replacement policy will be null and void if we don’t see you for your regular 3-6 month checkups. With this action on your part, your teeth and gums will be healthier. You and your teeth are winners.